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Divine light   by Edin Dzeko

Chinese photographer Huang Qingjun has spent nearly 10 years travelling to remote areas in China to convince people to have their picture taken along with all of their possessions. At first glance it’s striking how little they own but as you look closer at each image you’ll discover items that might be unexpected.

The ongoing project, entitled Jiadang (Belongings), features photographs of various individuals and families from the different Chinese provinces outside their homes, along with all their possessions inside it.

The resulting photos are not only fascinating, but they perhaps provide the outside world an unexpected glimpse into the lives of the ordinary Chinese. In light of the series’ 10th anniversary next year, Huang plans to return to the areas and families that he had photographed to see what had changed. Given the country’s steady rise in power and economy-wise over the years, Huang is curious to see how much of this has affected them.

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Vanda Miss Joaquim, National Orchid Garden, Singapore (by alextsui86)

Vanda Miss Joaquim. Singapore national flower.

There’s beauty we obliviously overlook everyday.

Orchid of Singapore (by miminzura)

Get inspired by Mr. Nu(no)

Oh hellz yea

The beautiful library of Wiblingen Abbey in Ulm, Germany (via www.webodysseum.com).

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may be it is just an illusion

600-year-old tower in front of a modern high-rise in Frankfurt.

mom, please!
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